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This product is facilitated to create security and link it to an account number. It is useful for various security types like the vehicle, immovable property, etc.

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When a customer checks out through a Merchant’s Point of Sale (POS) terminal, and if a Bank can offer a convenient EMI option for the payment, it would be a unique business opportunity for Card Issuers, Merchants, and Brands to connect with customers and provide them additional convenience. The EMI offer is communicated to the customer while initiating a payment using Federal Bank Card at the POS. If interested, the customer can select the EMI option from the POS. POS will list the tenure. Moreover, the customer can choose the EMI option and tenure. Once the tenure is selected, the eligibility

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Federal Bank helps customers get gold loans in times of a financial need. As gold loans are the quickest mode of availing instant cash, the Bank provides loans with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Federal Bank’s Gold Loan API bundle enables fintech and service provider applications to get the details of loan accounts, borrower’s KYC details, loan closure amount etc. This bundle ensures a swift and hassle-free gold loan disbursal process with appealing interest rates and payment options.

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Federal Instant Loan enables FinTech’s to offer personal loans to their users who hold accounts with Federal Bank, through their applications as an integrated solution. It offers pre-approved loans to its Customers, based on factors like their credit score, banking relationship, etc. This fully secure, automated digital loan processing facility is available 24x7.

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Federal Bank offers eKYc services in two variants-

a. SDK version of eKYC

b. Web version of eKYC

To utilize the full potentials of these 2 flavors, Federal Bank also offers below mentioned 2 services -

c. Name and DOB validation

d. Device Whitelisting API

a. SDK version of eKYC - The SDK version of eKYC has two sample codes which need to be embedded in the client's mobile application along with addition of AAR Library, enabling permission, adding UIDAI Public certification.

The detailed data of technical integration will be available for UAT and Production environment.

Below are the

(7 APIs Included)

FED DMS is a Document Management System. DMS APIs can be used for Logging in and utilizing the application for storing the documents.