Federal Bank offers eKYc services in two variants-

a. SDK version of eKYC

b. Web version of eKYC

To utilize the full potentials of these 2 flavors, Federal Bank also offers below mentioned 2 services -

c. Name and DOB validation

d. Device Whitelisting API

a. SDK version of eKYC - The SDK version of eKYC has two sample codes which need to be embedded in the client's mobile application along with addition of AAR Library, enabling permission, adding UIDAI Public certification.

The detailed data of technical integration will be available for UAT and Production environment.

Below are the expected response parameters for this variant -


The SDK offered by Bank is compatible with Morpho 1300 series devices with L0 certification. More details can be obtained from - - https://rdserviceonline.com/

b. Web version of eKYC - This variant of eKYC involves multiple steps as follows -

  1. Generate Session ID - The details of this API is provided in the individual API description.

  2. Initiate EKYC process with an HTML post to specified URL - To initiate the eKYC process , post to a URL with parameters from customer browser. The request parameters are - sessionid (Session Id generated on previous step), redirectUrl (Base64 encoded redirect URL), option (Possible values, otp or biometric).

  3. Redirect back to partner Web page - After a successful eKYC the web browser will be redirected to the redirect URL passed on previous step with a custom transaction id as parameter.

c. Name DOB Validation API - The details of this API is provided in the individual API description.

d. Device Whitelisting API - This API is part of eKYC services, that Federal Bank offers. When a client chooses to use the eKYC SDK variant, the use of biometric device becomes mandatory. In order to use those devices, the same needs to be whitelisted as Bank's end. This API helps client to whitelist the biometric devices in real-time. The API has two parts -

  1. Add Device
  2. De/activate device


    • The Device listing service offers 2 APIS. The "Add device" API , helps to whitelist a device for the first time at Bank's end.


    • The Device listing service offers 2 APIS. The "Deactivate/Activate Device" API helps to deactivate a device( which was earlier whitelisted at Bank's end), in case there is no use of that particular device any longer. The same service can also used for activating the device which was earlier deactivated.


    • This API would be used for both the versions of eKYC services. After processing the eKYC requests, a unique number is provided to Fintechs. To avoid any fraudulent activities, Fintechs must confirm that, data acquired during the eKYC process and data collected by Fintech to create the Customer ID is of the same person. This API takes the unique number of eKYC process, Name, and DOB (collected by Fintech) as input parameters. Internally it checks the data collected during the eKYC process and data collected by Fintechs are matching or not and accordingly provides output.


    • This API is part of Web version of eKYC. This variant of eKYC has multiple steps to be followed. This is the first step to initiate the eKYC process. This API helps to generate a session ID, which is used in the second step to form a URL.



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Basic Plan

100 calls per 52 weeks


Basic Plan

5 APIs including

  • Activate/Deactivate Device API 1.0.0
  • Add Device API 1.0.0
  • GenerateSessionId API 1.0.0
  • Name DOB Validation API 1.0.0
  • eKYCDownloadKYCAlternate 1.0.0

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