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With a proven track record in developing and hosting APIs, in addition to the experience of handling more than 1/6th of India's Foreign inward remittances, the API Banking Platform by Federal Bank, is the ultimate solution for all your business needs. You may be a Corporate, FinTech, Start-up, Manufacturing house or Technological company, we will help you automate, streamline and develop new product and business cases using our services in an integrated manner. All this, while ensuring secure connection with the bank.

Our Milestones

Digital Credit

With the introduction of Digital Credit API bundle in 2017, the federal bank is now one of the very few banks which has launched Digital Credit to increase the Fintech partnership in the form of API services , which enables fintechs to serve their customers with a short term loan. For Fintechs with a large customer base, this bundle proves to be very effective for a fintech bank partnership eco-system.

Fund Transfer & Remittance API bundle

The federal bank is well known for its efficient Fund Transfer and Remittance API bundles for more than a decade. In 2016, we decided to provide our clients with these services, helping them to achieve their targets.  This enables our clients to  stay ahead of their peers.

Account Opening

The account opening facility which has always been provided by the bank is been provided as an API consumption to our Fintech Partners since 2017. This reduces the hurdles of opening an account , enabling  our clients to achieve their dreams.

How our APIs differ from
the contemporaries

Cost-Effective Absolutely

Easy Integration Doubtless

Security and Support Round The Clock

Cross Platform Reliability Of-course

Unbeatable Turnaround Time Indeed



Easy Integration

Security and Support

Cross Platform Reliability

Unbeatable Turnaround Time

Providing Unfailing Service and
Reliable Support and thus have a
strong base of clients


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