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With a proven track record in developing and publishing APIs, in addition to the experience of handling more than 1/6th of India's foreign inward remittances, the API Banking Platform by Federal Bank, is the ultimate solution for all your business needs. You may be a Corporate, a Fintech, a Start-up, a Manufacturing house or a Technological company, we will help you automate, streamline and develop new products and business cases using our services in an integrated manner. All this, while ensuring secure connection with the Bank.

Our Milestones

Bharat Bill Payment System

Bharat Bill Payment System is an end-to-end secure, configurable and robust utility bill payment platform for all kinds of utility bill payments. It allows customers/corporates to make bill payments anytime, anywhere. It enables multiple payment modes, with instant confirmation of payment. It supports seamless integration with multiple billers. The BBPS API bundle by Federal Bank offers individual APIs for bill payment, fetching bill details, transaction status, raise complaint and complaint status.


Federal Bank introduced a rather unique bundle with NPCI's UPI facility, with which technology and product companies can create innovative platforms. Hassle-free online payment and improved security features ensure that you don't have to share the account details. UPI also allows merchant payments, utility bill payments, scanned QR code based payments along with the facility of bill sharing among friends.


eNach / eMandate, is a one stop destination for Federal Bank customers to handle all recurring payments like telephone bills, insurance premiums, utility bills etc. based on customer authorization. It allows the payer to schedule all future payments in a simple step at the start, rather than manually keeping track and making individual premium payments.

Virtual Account System

Virtual Account System (VAS), an innovation in the transaction banking space, is a proof that, Federal Bank is abreast with the changing needs of financial businesses. Our Bank offers contemporary products that support the strategies and growth agendas of all the regulators of Indian Financial ecosystem. With this bundle, the Federal Bank can become more prudent in financial and risk management in the offerings of the product. This bundle helps to rationalize the financial accounting structures, streamline the reconciliation process for payment and collection.

Fund Transfer & Remittance API bundle

Federal Bank is well known for its efficient Fund Transfer and Remittance API bundles for more than a decade. In 2016, we decided to provide our clients with these services, helping them to achieve their targets. This enables our clients to stay ahead of their peers.

BYOM Instant Loan

Following the success of Digital Credit, BYOM, an instant loan facility was introduced in 2017. The loans are provided to our customers within minutes, digitally. This helps our customers, become their own managers, act on their convenience, as we support them financially.

Account Opening

To run a fully digital business correspondence model, Federal Bank facilitates fintech partners with Account Opening API bundle. These APIs also serve as a unique way to increase customer engagement and attend to customer needs in a secure, agile, and future-proof method.

Digital Credit

With the introduction of Digital Credit API bundle in 2017, Federal Bank is now one of the very few banks, which has launched Digital Credit to increase the fintech partnership. This enables fintechs to serve their customers with a short-term loan. For fintechs, with a large customer base, this bundle proves to be very effective for a fintech-bank partnership eco-system.

How our APIs differ from
the contemporaries

Cost-Effective Absolutely

Easy Integration Doubtless

Security and Support Round The Clock

Cross Platform Reliability Of-course

Unbeatable Turnaround Time Indeed



Easy Integration

Security and Support

Cross Platform Reliability

Unbeatable Turnaround Time

Providing Unfailing Service and
Reliable Support and thus have a
strong base of clients


Business Enterprises





The Success

The Mobile Wallet Pvt. Ltd

Federal Bank has helped us become the most sought after digital wallet company in the country. With features like TMW prepaid cards, IMPS and virtual account system, the Bank is with us to attain our goal of making India a cashless society. With services like no other banks can provide, the Bank makes us realize everyday, why it is the best banking partner.


Our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to fast, frictionless finance, at a rate that is fair. Sounds difficult? Not with Federal Bank as our banking partner. The faith Federal Bank has put in an unconventional product speaks volumes! We are now able to focus on our core business without any worries, which has enriched the experience of our customers.

Seynse Technologies

Federal Bank provided us what we asked for, a better fiscal environment for enriching our business. The Bank has developed an Aadhaar based authentication mechanism to verify and authenticate customers who apply for loan to us. We are using different API services of Federal Bank for our various programs. Partnership with the Federal Bank has helped us achieve way beyond our dreams.

Cointab - Manage money with ease

Our target is to make India, a cashless society, making people to be their own bankers. This wouldn't have been a reality without Federal Bank and their innovative products like the UPI API stack. With such efficient services, Cointab has become a full Payment Service Provider. Needless to say, Federal Bank has helped us convert our projects into a reality.

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