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Remittance Solution (1.0.0)(9 APIs included)

Through the Remittance Fund Transfer API, fund transfer from outside of India is made easy. Exchange houses abroad can set up services to transfer money into Indian accounts. Along with Federal Bank APIs for enquiry and reconciliation, this bundle offers a complete fund transfer solution, from abroad to accounts maintained by Federal Bank in India. These APIs are used for receiving the money from foreign exchanges, money will be transferred between exchange Account number and the customer account number.

Digital Credit (1.0.0)(10 APIs included)

These APIs are offered to extend loan facility to Customers, through FinTech applications. The APIs enable automated loan account creation and loan disbursal capabilities which the FinTech applications can readily use to run their services, in a fully digitalized and integrated fashion.

Account Statement (1.0.0)(1 API included)

This message allows the user to request for Statement of a particular account on a particular date.

Instant Loan @ POS (1.0.0)(4 APIs included)

When a Customer checks out through a Merchant’s Point of Sale (POS) terminal, if a Bank can offer convenient EMI option for the payment, it would be a unique business opportunity for Card Issuers, Merchants and Brands to connect with Customers and provide them additional convenience.

The EMI offer is communicated to the Customer while initiating a payment using Federal Bank Card at the POS. If interested, the customer would be asked to select the EMI option from the POS. POS will list the tenure, and the Customer can select the EMI option and tenure. Once the tenure is selected, eligibility of the Customer is checked. If the Customer is eligible and ready to avail the EMI, the offer amount is blocked at Federal Bank against that Customer. POS can generate the charge slip to the Customer, with the EMI details. At the end of every day (or at agreed intervals), the Merchant may send the EMI conversion file to Federal Bank, with details of all EMI Transactions. The Bank can validate the transactions against the Customer, based on the ApplicationID, open a Loan Account for each Customer and disburse the Loan amount.

Instant Loan at POS API bundle is a set of API that Federal Bank has exposed to enable Service Providers at POS terminals to extend convenient EMI facility to the Bank’s Customers on purchases.

Gold Loan (1.0.0)(5 APIs included)

Federal Bank helps customers get gold loans in times of a financial need. As gold loans are the quickest mode of availing instant cash, the Bank provides loans with attractive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Federal Bank’s Gold Loan API bundle enables fintech and service provider applications to get the details of loan accounts, borrower’s KYC details, loan closure amount etc. This bundle ensures a swift and hassle-free gold loan disbursal process with appealing interest rates and payment options.

Account Opening (1.0.0)(7 APIs included)

Federal Bank’s API for banking correspondence, facilitates account opening on behalf of the Bank. With services like Customer ID creation, loan account opening, duplication check etc., this API bundle offers necessary services to run a fully digital Business correspondence model. These APIs help in further enhancing and transforming the existing Bank offerings, by increasing their appeal to the existing and prospective customers alike.

The Account Opening APIs increase the appeal of the Bank and enable it to meet the changing demands of existing customers as well as prospective customers. These APIs also serve as a unique way to increase customer engagement and attend to customer needs in a secure, agile, and future-proof method.

These benefits in turn, can help enhance this aspect of the Banking experience: Customer Engagement.

BBPS (1.0.0)(7 APIs included)

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is an integrated bill payment system functioning under National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This is an interoperable bill payment platform through a network of agents of registered members enabling a safe, reliable and unified ecosystem with multiple payments modes and instant payment confirmation. Payments in BBPS can be made through cash, and electronic modes. The NPCI functions as the Central Unit (BBPCU) undertaking clearing and settlement of transactions routed through BBPS.

Bill aggregators and Banks work as Operating Units (COU) to offer an interoperable bill payment system irrespective of which unit has on-boarded a Biller, offering both online and offline – through the network of physical agents – operating models. This ecosystem brings Banks, Non-Banks, and online payment platforms under one roof as authorized units for bill collection, providing anytime-anywhere bill payment facility. BBPS platform includes online and offline interfacing for Billing Entities, Corporates, Agents and Customers.

Virtual Account System (1.0.0)(6 APIs included)

Virtual account is the concept of having multiple aliases or pseudonyms for an account. This allows a fintech partner to create multiple virtual accounts for a physical account maintained in Federal Bank. Funds can be transferred by the partner's customers, to these virtual accounts via various payment channels- NEFT, RTGS, IMPS etc. With Virtual Account System (VAS), one can generate exclusive virtual accounts for each of the customers, from payments are expected. This makes collection, accounting and reconciliation of multiple transactions in an account, easier.

Fund Transfer (1.0.0)(9 APIs included)

The Fund Transfer APIs are strategically driven solutions, that enable an easy money transfer services between Bank accounts in India. It facilitates ease in the transfer process using technology solutions like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS etc.


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